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Club Express Comes to PMBC
By Kevin R Craig
Posted on 9/4/2019 5:55 AM
Maybe a better title would be "PMBC Goes to Club Express."  Hmmmm.

It's been quite an honor, and an adventure, serving this Club as President this year, guided by a very strong and capable Board.  We've made a complex and difficult yet strategic decision to take the management of our website from the very experienced and capable hands of Terry Wright, who developed and managed it from its inception twenty-one years ago to the present date, to a distributed model where members of the Club can make their own changes to the content of the website.  Some of you have been asking, "Why did we (the Board) make this change?"  Here are some of the reasons:

Risk:  What if Terry was no longer available to maintain the site?  How would we continue to maintain it?
Cost: We run our events through Eventbrite.  Nine percent of the gross receipts seems a bit much.  Is there a more cost-effective way to handle events?
Efficiency:  Our membership director spends an hour each week, on average, managing new members and renewals, and the occasional blast email when we need event participants and volunteers.  Can we use technology to automate these processes?
Communications:  Being able to make changes to the website directly is faster and more efficient than funneling them through a volunteer web developer/editor for transcription.  What if our events coordinators, ride leaders and others could make their own changes as needed?

Using Club Express, while reducing some costs, adds others.  It's not free.  On the balance, we (the Board) felt that the value the Club receives by going to this commercially managed web platform more than offsets the increase in costs we may incur.  If we run more paid events or have more participation, we may actually save money over what we were spending before.

Kevin Craig, President