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Welcome to the Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club website.

Saturday Cycling, with rides starting out of Kiwanis Park in Tempe, began in 1995 with Sue McFadden (though she was Sue Fassett then). She led those rides for 17 years! She handed the reins to Ken St. John mid-year 2012. Many other weekly rides have been added since 1995, and PMBC has continued to stay strong. In fact, in 2019, Arizona Bicycle Club, fondly known as ABC, dissolved and joined ranks with PMBC. Welcome ABC riders!

Terry Wright started the PMBC website in early 1998 mainly so he would have online access to an up-to-date ride schedule for the Phoenix Metro chapter of the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association or GABA. He managed it through 2019, for 21 years!

At the time Terry started the website, GABA had chapters throughout the state of Arizona with member clubs in Phoenix, the West Valley, Prescott, Flagstaff, Kingman, and Tucson. The site began as a spin-off of the Tailwind Times newsletter and quickly took on a life of its own. Since the Tailwind Times was then published by/for the Phoenix Metro, West Valley, Prescott, and Flagstaff chapters, the website included information and ride schedules for all four of these chapters. This folder contains a link to archives of the Tailwind Times.

Over the years, the GABA chapters in Kingman, Flagstaff, and Prescott were dissolved and eventually the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association ceased to exist as the remaining chapters went their own way, moving out from under the GABA umbrella. Although the Tucson club is named GABA Tucson and the West Valley club is known as GABA West Valley, the Greater Arizona Bicycle Association as an association of bicycle clubs throughout the state no longer exists. In May of 1998, the GABA Phoenix Metro chapter was incorporated as"The Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club, Inc." It is this club, also known as PMBC, that this website is devoted to now.

Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club's newsletter, The Tailwind Times, was published monthly through August 2013. The newsletter is no longer published, but past issues are available online at the link above in pdf format.

Weekly ride reports were kept on The Hub. These are available in archived format on The Hub.

The website moved from management by Terry as to in September 2019 under direction of PMBC President Kevin Craig.

Thank you for visiting our website.