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Phoenix Metro
Bicycle Club

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Membership Dues

Thank you for joining or renewing your PMBC Membership!

Membership Rates:

  • $25 for an individual membership
  • $35 for a family membership (includes two people).

Options for Payment:

There are three options when choosing how to pay. The first two are the default options and are integrated in our Club Express engine. There are buttons below for using the third option.

  1. Online with PayPal
  2. Manually, by mailed check
  3. Online with Square

After you select RENEW or become a NEW MEMBER (see link below) and finish entering your personal data, you will get to the Make Payment page (see graphic below). It allows you to choose a Payment Method (see red arrow below) of one of the first two options, PayPal or Check.

  • If you choose PayPal, it will give you the familiar yellow & blue PayPal Checkout button that allows you to sign into your account. You should receive a receipt rather quickly.
  • If you choose Check, it will show you instructions for mailing in your check. It also tells you how & when your payment receipt will be sent, once applied.
  • If you'd rather pay online via Square, please choose Pay Later (see blue arrow above). You will see a Pop-Up Message:

Pay Later Popup Error

Click Ok and then navigate back to this page by choosing the Join/Renew menu, and then choose Renew or Join Here.


Click RENEW or become a NEW MEMBER to begin the renewal process. If you are an existing member, please be sure to log into your account before beginning.

If you choose to pay via Square, after clicking the Pay Later button, please use one of the buttons below to complete your payment.

Choose this option for a $25 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - SQUARE PAYMENT.

1 Yr Individual Membership

1 Yr Individual Membership


Pay now
1 Yr Family Membership

1 Yr Family Membership


Pay now

Choose this option for a $35 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP - SQUARE PAYMENT.