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Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club

Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club (PMBC)


The Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club is a non-profit social organization that leads regularly scheduled weekly bicycle rides and other special events for the benefit of its members.  We promote and provide venues for safe and legal bicycling, primarily in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

Following Governor Ducey’s June 29 COVID-19 shutdown, the PMBC Board discussed the closure and has again decided to follow his lead in shutting down rides for the duration of the mandate.

Here are some highlights for safe cycling during the closure. Refer to articles in and USA Cycling for full details.

  • The safest way to bicycle is to go out alone or with people with whom you cohabit
  • If you’re sick, you shouldn’t go out or exercise
  • If you’ve been exposed to coronavirus (two days before your friend showed symptoms) and could be at risk for asymptomatically spreading it, you shouldn’t go out or exercise
  • While a mask may not be necessary while cycling solo, one should be brought along in case of an emergency such as a crash or you need to stop into a store for a drink

Our Club's insurance policies only cover riders and ride leaders for rides that are conducted and organized by the Club for all club members. They do not cover, nor are they designed for rides organized by individuals for a limited number of participants.

You are invited to explore this website for information about our club and its activities.  We welcome new members to join our Club.



If you are already a member, but need to establish a username/password to access member-only parts of the website, click on Member Login and then Forgot My Username/Password to begin the process for establishing a new password for this site.