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Saturday Cycling Ride Report

Saturday Cycling Ride Report for 06/12/2021
By Ken St. John
Posted on 6/12/2021 2:11 PM

Hello Saturday Cyclists,


With the summer solstice just 9 days away, the patches of shade along the Midsummer Ride were a welcome relief for the 38 participants.  Another couple of people who we haven’t seen in a while returned to us this week, including my co-leader Kathy Mills.  Kathy’s pack-at-the-back was 13 strong most of the way; everyone seemed to be enjoying the ride if not the heat.  We also bid a summer farewell to a few more friends who were leaving town the next day for an extended escape from the heat.


Coming up...


Saturday, June 19, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Length of Lindsay
The Length of Lindsay takes us to the east, with route options of 29 miles or 39 miles, no climbing. Breakfast at Panera Bread on the SE corner of Guadalupe and McClintock.
Preregistration available at:


Saturday, June 26, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Chandler-Pecos East
After a year and 4 months we are finally returning to the Hungry Monk for our Quarterly Membership Meeting, and this route will get us there. Breakfast is free for members; two free breakfasts are included in a family membership. Sign-in starts at 8:00 and the meeting begins around 9:00. Distance options are 28, 34 and 42 miles. The extra-long route sails east on Chandler Blvd all the way from Rural to Power, returning by way of Pecos. The shorter routes simply head over to Pecos a little earlier. Breakfast at The Hungry Monk on the north side of Chandler Blvd, just east of Dobson.

Preregistration available at:


Saturday, July 03, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Mummy Mountain
A 40-mile loop with lots of climbing, or 31 miles with a couple of moderate climbs, takes us north into Scottsdale and around Mummy Mountain.  Breakfast at Panera Bread on the SE corner of Guadalupe and McClintock.
Preregistration available at:


Tid Bits…

Octogenarian Jan keeps up with the news.  She shared with me some follow-up from the story of a truck driver who killed 5 cyclists in one blow on a Nevada highway last December.  It was determined he was on meth at the time and was sentenced to 40 years in prison. It’s good to know there was some accountability in the end.  But I’m wondering, if he were sober, would he have been able to just say “oops” and get away with a ticket and a warning?  As I recall, that was the case for Highly Faulkner when he was killed on Pecos Road years ago (although I assume I don’t know the whole story).  It left me wondering if there was systemic bias against vulnerable road users in the justice system.  The message seemed to be that in Arizona you can kill someone for the cost of a traffic ticket and drive away.  I had the same concern when a self-driving car killed a pedestrian in Tempe and an expert was quoted in the paper as saying, “if the pedestrian was jay walking, then it isn’t the motorist’s fault that they got hit and killed.”   I think there should be some culpability for creating a lethal hazard by turning the key and pressing the accelerator pedal.  But that’s not in our culture.


Speaking of crime, I was alerted to news that someone’s car was broken into at Kiwanis Park while we were off on last weeks ride.  I don’t know the how and why details or how to prevent it from happening to you.  I’ve often heard that we should be careful to not have any valuables visible in a parked vehicle.  Apparently, no one has been that interested in the floor pump or toolbox I always leave in my van.  It also might help that I park near the roadway where it would be harder for a burglar to go unnoticed.  I guess the important thing is to let you know that it happened so you can decide for yourselves if any change of habit is needed.


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Have fun, ride safely, and stay healthy!