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Saturday Cycling Ride Report

Saturday Cycling Ride Report for 02/20/2021
By Ken St. John
Posted on 2/24/2021 3:19 PM

Hello Saturday Cyclists,

Only 27 signed in or preregistered for last Saturday’s ride to the east.  I thought we may have been down a few due to a Covid alert, but then discovered another six riding with us who hadn’t signed in for a total of 33 which is typical these days.  I did notice one thing that seemed atypical for the East Valley; there were no pollical signs or banners.  There even seems to be far fewer bumper stickers for or against any political candidates.  Nice change, but how long can it last?


Yes, I do have a belated Covid alert.  If you rode with us to South Mountain on February 13th, or on the President’s Day ride on Monday the 15th, you may have been exposed to Covid-19.  Everyone the infected people came in close contact with have already been alerted.


I have modified the 8th Street Ail route to use the multiuse path along the new 202 as the return leg in place of the twisty Liberty Lane version.  It may not be updated in the online maps yet but will be included in the hardcopy handed out at the start.


Coming up...


Saturday, February 27, 8:00 a.m., Kiwanis Park. 8th Street Ail
The extended-distance option includes an out-and-back that goes as far west as the road will take us, plus several steep hills including northbound 8th Street from Chandler Blvd to Desert Foothills Parkway.
Preregistration is available at:
Saturday, March 6, 7:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Tour de Sue
Tour de Sue is a flat loop to the south, with route options of 25 or 35 miles. Both routes include a good long stretch with no traffic lights.
Preregistration is available at:


Saturday, March 13, 7:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Chandler-Pecos East
Distance options are 27, 33 and 41 miles. The extra-long route sails east on Chandler Blvd all the way from Rural to Power, returning by way of Pecos. The shorter routes simply head over to Pecos a little earlier.

Preregistration is available at:


Tid Bits…

Does the disastrous cold snap in Texas have you thinking about how to better prepare for an emergency?  I think most serious preppers overlook the importance of the bicycle as back-up transportation.  Bicycle manufactures should be asking them how they would cope if their supply of gasoline, or ability to charge their electric car, was cut off for several weeks.  How long would it take to visit loved ones around town?  Can you go out and back in a single day?  How many groceries can you carry home from you nearest supermarket?  If you had to evacuate your neighborhood, how long would it take you to get to your go-to location, and how much cargo can you carry?  A proper bicycle can improve all those answers.  Being fit and having riding skills helps too. That’s why I think we recreational cyclists have a leg up in the emergency response business.


Have fun, ride safely, and stay healthy!