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Saturday Cycling Ride Report

COVID-19 Exosure Alert
By Ken St. John
Posted on 7/2/2020 5:29 PM
This week one of our frequent Saturday Cyclist tested positive for COVID-19 and there is some chance other cyclists have been exposed, either directly or once-removed.  The last time anyone was known to have direct contact with the infected member was 6/22.

Here is a timeline I have compiled for the member who tested positive:
  • Exposure source and infection date unknown
  • Saturday 6/20 – participated in Saturday Cycling (McKellips Loop) and ate breakfast with small group at Panera
  • Monday 6/22 – attended a social gathering with other PMBC members
  • Wednesday 6/24 – First sign of flu-like symptoms
  • Friday 6/ 26 – Got tested
  • Saturday 6/27 - Did NOT attend Saturday Cycling, but at least 5 people who attended the 6/22 social event did, and at least 3 of them ate breakfast in small groups at AZ Bread.
  • Monday 6/29 – Got positive test result.  Informed all attendees of 6/22 party and 6/20 breakfast.
If you rode with us on 6/20 or 6/27, there is some risk that you were exposed, especially if you ate at Panera on 6/20 or AZ bread on 6/27.

If any of these apply to you, you might consider taking extra precautions, and please let me know if you start experiencing symptoms. 

Next Monday will be when the people who had direct exposure will have completed the recommended 14-day quarantine period.  No one on the known-contact list has reported seeing symptoms so far.  I will send an update next week which will hopefully confirm that none of them have experienced any symptoms, which will indicate a reduced risk to the rest of us who rode on Saturday 6/27.