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Saturday Cycling Ride Report

Saturday Cycling Ride Report for 05/28/22
By Ken St. John
Posted: 2022-05-29T16:48:01Z

Hello Saturday Cyclists,


We had 35 cyclists for the third week in a row. There was some thin cloud cover at the start that kept things nice; a light breeze from the southeast kept it challenging as well. And that was it for my 10 years as ride leader, from June 2, 2012, to May 28, 2022. Like ride leader Sue before me, I will continue to ride on Saturdays, taking an inconspicuous position in the pack. Unlike Sue, I will not be changing my hair color or cutting it short to conceal my identity. I know we’ll be in good hands with Rick now for as long as he wants to be the ride leader.


There will be a Monday Memorial Day Ride, thanks to Neal. Details below.

Next Saturday is the Quarterly membership meeting at the Hungry Monk!


Coming up...


Monday, May 30, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Memorial Day Loop

Neal will lead a ride, taking in the Western Canal and the Rio Salado Bike paths that includes Gilbert Mt. This ride is about 35 miles and flat. Breakfast at Panera Bread at Guadalupe and McClintock. No map, so no-drop.


Saturday, June 04, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Chandler-Pecos East

It’s time for our Q2 Membership Meeting at the Hungry Monk, and this route will get us there. Breakfast is free for members; two free breakfasts are included in a family membership. Sign-in starts at 8:00 and the meeting begins around 08:45. Distance options are 28, 34 and 42 miles. The extra-long route sails east on Chandler Blvd all the way from Rural to Power, returning by way of Pecos. The shorter routes simply head over to Pecos a little earlier. Breakfast at The Hungry Monk on the north side of Chandler Blvd, just east of Dobson.

Preregistration available at:


Saturday, June 11, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Marco Polo

The 26-mile standard route goes east on Guadalupe for 12 miles, then loops back on Elliot. The 41-mile route gets closer to The Orient by going east all the way to Ellsworth, then heads a little further south before rejoining the Elliot return path. Breakfast at Panera Bread on the SE corner of Guadalupe and McClintock.

Preregistration available at:


Saturday, June 18, 6:30 a.m., Kiwanis Park. Midsummer Ride

This route was designed to seek out maximum shade on summer mornings when the sun is farthest north and most brutal. In the winter it's just another route. It includes options of 28 miles with one short climb, or 38 miles with a couple of bonus hills. Breakfast at Panera Bread at Guadalupe and McClintock.

Preregistration available at:


Tid Bits…

These are my rules for bending the rules:


Rolling stops at STOP signs or right turns at a red light

·        As you approach, extend your left arm down to signal stopping; if there are other cyclists behind you, shout “slowing!”

·        Then stop pedaling and slow down enough to be able to stop if you need to

·        Swivel your head left and right to make it obvious how safe you are being as you check for cross-traffic

·        If there is another vehicle that has the right-of-way, then STOP

·        If it’s already your turn to go, then pedal on through

·        Cars behind you may tsk-tsk but they’ll also be grateful that you got out of their way quickly


Red light at the top of a ‘T’ intersection when you’re heading straight, the cross street is to your left, and there’s no cross street from the right

·        Slow down as described for the rolling stop

·        Yield to any pedestrians crossing your path with the green light

·        Look left; if there are any vehicles turning left from the cross street to join your direction of travel, hold back and wait until they have cleared the intersection

·        Then proceed through

·        This courtesy avoids frightening the left-turners and disrupting their flow


Malfunctioning traffic lights

·        If it becomes evident that a traffic light you are waiting for has not sensed your presence and is failing to turn green for you, then treat it like a stop sign and proceed when it is safe to do so.

·        A good indicator is if the light does not change after the pedestrian walk light for the cross street counts all the way down

·        Or if you are waiting in a left turn lane with a red arrow that does not turn green for you when it should


Upcoming Events…

·        PMBC Flagstaff Tour                   June 17, 18, 19


·        PMBC White Mountain Tour                 September 17

o  More information to follow

·        SLOBC Lighthouse Century                              September 24

o  Registration Opens June 5


·        SkyIslandTour                                           Oct 01

o  Sierra Vista

o  Benefit for National Alliance on Mental Health

·        PMBC Mt. Lemmon / Tucson Path                   Oct 15, 16


Have fun, ride safely, and stay healthy! Forever.