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Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club
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EVERY WEDNESDAY, Wednesday No-Drop Ride

We usually ride from Desert Breeze Park in Chandler. Contact Ann Chadwick for more information.

  • This is a no-drop ride in the Southeast valley area.
  • Ride distance and pace is set according to who comes for the ride, usually not less than 20 or more than 40 miles distance.
  • About 12 mph with beginners to short runs of 20 mph with wild animals pedaling.
  • We stop for breakfast/brunch after the ride.
  • Start times vary
    • January 8:30 am
    • February 8:00 am
    • March 8:00 am
    • April 7:30 am
    • May 7:00 am
    • June/July/August 6:30 am
    • September 7:00 am
    • October 7:30 am
    • November 8:00 am
    • December 8:30 am
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